Let’s come together

People, can we just stop now please? Stop the division and hatred? Aren’t we all exhausted enough? Isn’t the rhetoric just adding another crappy layer to an already-exhausted and divided world?

Anti-x people, can’t you see that pro-x people are just scared of getting something that has killed a lot of people? And that they’re worried for their loved ones? And that they’re tired of restrictions?

And pro-x people, can you get off your high horses and try to understand that not everyone who doesn’t want to be forced into something is an a-hole who’s putting you and/ or society at large at risk? Maybe some people have legitimate reasons for being hesitant. A lot of so-called liberals and ‘pro choice’ people seem to only be so when it fits their agenda.

Isn’t everyone tired of the rhetoric? Can’t we see that the media just fuels this fire every chance it gets? Fear porn is constant. Just turn it off! Get your news from independent sources, which I know is much harder but it’s possible. Use your own discernment. Tune into your own intuition about what rings true to you. Mock that notion if you will but it’s a god-given right that we all possess, and we’ve (understandably) lost touch with how to do this in our western cultures.

If this post triggers you, ask yourself why. Why do I feel the need to argue and defend my position so vigorously? Would it really kill me to try to open my mind to a different perspective?

Could I try to meet people where they are even if I disagree?

We are all human. We are all trying to get through these chaotic times the best we can. Try to have some compassion. This isn’t political. It isn’t personal. We are all exhausted. Humanity needs to come together. It IS possible if we just take a step back and breathe! Consider that your position isn’t necessarily the be-all end-all.

You don’t have to change your stance. Just be WILLING to understand WHY someone could hold an opposing view. Hate is such old energy. It’s time to bring in the new. Let. It. Go. For your own sake and the planet’s. I beg you.*

*I’m obviously guilty of it too. Humans do this. But let’s all try our best to move on together, ok? Observe a child for a day- they don’t care how you vote or what your views are— they just want to share their joy. Let’s be childlike and get back to joy!)


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