Music is saving my life

So that happened.  2020.  A full on shit show of a year. (Is shit show one word or two? MS Word seems to think it’s two, so I will leave it that way.) And it doesn’t look like 2021 is teeing up to be a blast so far yet either.  Although I KNOW in my heart this will change— it’s just not looking that way at the moment.  

Anything fun seems to be verboten at the moment: travel, seeing friends, dancing, going out, working out, and on and on.  Even the simple joy of meeting a friend in a café is so January 2019.  So the only thing we can do is FIND THE JOY.  Every. Single. Day.  We have to reach deep inside ourselves and pull out things that have always helped lift us up.  Mine lately has been music.   It may be because I am in a full blown midlife crisis, or it could just be the aforementioned SS of a year.  But I am leaning hard on music to shift my vibration, raise it as high as possible in a low-vibe atmosphere.  And I am having so much fun rediscovering music that I danced to as a 20-something on overflowing, smoke-choked dancefloors.  And I’m exploring new music and music genres:  learning more about classical, checking out hip hop (so far not really my thing), going deeper into ska and more. 

Music is a universal language, and Spotify makes it easy to share it with friends. One of my besties in the US and I sometimes have Cocktails and Karaoke nights, where we have a glass of wine and sing to one another over Skype or Facetime. But due to the time difference, we usually just leave each other messages while the other is sleeping or at work, which is just as fun.  It’s nice to wake up to an uplifting song/message from a bestie.  And she always chooses songs that have to do with whatever one of us is dealing with at the moment.  There’s a song for every situation as I’m sure you can imagine. 

What do you do to lift yourself (or others) up?  There’s only so much Netflix a human can watch, only so many books one can read (although that’s arguable) and only so much home alone time a person can handle. Are you being creative with how you spend your time?  Making art? What are you doing to get through all the lockdowns and winter blues?  What’s saving your life right now? Tell me in the comments! 

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  1. Hi Amanda, It’s been some time you haven’t written. Is music still your saving grace or did you find something else? I took an online course and it was fun – still felt a human connection. Now, days are getting warmer and I decided to take a trip and be outdoors as much as possible. ~ Bernice


    • Hi Bernice! Sorry for the delayed response. Yes I had to take a bit of a break. Was going a bit crazy during lockdown. Hoping to start writing again very soon! Glad you’re taking a trip and practicing self care! Be well !

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