Thai Khao Lam, a Thai sticky rice

Random post alert!

We had Thai food for dinner tonight and it was so authentic it reminded me of the Thai market I went to outside of Bangkok a few months ago (you know, January 2020– 300 years ago). It was a foodie’s paradise–all kinds of dishes from all over the country–not that I have any idea about the nuances of regional Thai cuisine. I tried a few different things since it was all so very inexpensive. I had some traditional Pad Thai (cost: about USD 2.17), a fresh coconut, and something else I can’t remember the name of. Later when I was leaving the market, I saw a woman roasting these bamboo sticks, which I learned are called joints, over a fire.

The ends are stuffed with bamboo leaves to keep the rice inside.

I had no idea what was inside but it looked so cool, I had to try it. I brought it with me and when I got back to my hotel and opened it, I discovered the most incredible sticky (glutinous) sweet rice inside! It wasn’t overpowering, just a subtle coconutty sweetness. There were these tiny black beans that added to the flavor. And can anything beat this presentation? It’s just so elegant. (My Pad Thai was served on a banana leaf, which was also fantastic.) I googled the bamboo dish and it is called Thai Khao Lam. Beautiful and delicious. Such a nice memory.

Thai Khao Lam, served in a bamboo ‘joint’


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