Silver Linings: Covid Edition– Animals are loving this human-free world

Photo Credit: Richard Sowry, Kruger National Park

Above are some mama lions–and I think at least one baby–taking a rest on a road in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, where cars full of tourists would normally be slowly driving by. So many animals seem to be enjoying the respite from all the humans everywhere.

Big cats are usually only seen at night in the park, according to BBC news. But during the lockdown, ranger Richard Sowry, considered an essential worker, still patrolled the park to check on all the wildlife and look out for poachers. He came upon this napping pride and they weren’t at all bothered by his car. Sowry said he took the photo to bring people joy during these difficult times. Thank you Mr. Sowry!

The hub and I were in South Africa in 2014 and drove through Addo Elephant National Park near Knysna on the Garden Route. There were at the time only four lions in the whole huge park, and we were extremely fortunate to see this guy (below) napping on the side of the road. Our guide who drives through daily said he rarely sees lions, and if so, not lying idly on the side of the road (though they are pretty lazy during the day).

Took these on my iphone from the safety of the car

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