Personal branding — who are you?

This may be my new logo. Do you like it?

What’s your personal brand? Not your business, but you? You know how people say, ‘Oh that’s so off brand for him’ (I guess usually about famous people?) Off-brand is something you wouldn’t normally expect them to do/wear/act like.

I don’t love the concept of boiling people down to a few words, as we are all multi-talented, complex beings. But it can also be fun.

Share your personal brand here, or that of someone you know (without their name unless you want to tag them). Be brave! I write here every day without the assurance that anyone will respond or even read my stuff. If I can do that…

Can you think of your own PB? Not sure what mine would be. Although I do love the moon, and people know that about me, so I put it in my logo.

Some of my friends: savvy traveler /shark lover, animal/ SJP freak, fashionista, healthy recipe creator, etc. I guess a brand is what a person is known for, what you first think of when you think of them. (J-lo: sexy, Einstein: intelligent, etc)

Do you hate the idea or love it? And what’s yours?

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