Oh 2020 you are a weird one

Year 2020, you are a slippery one. You’re making time feel rubbery, melty. March felt like 100 years and April was a minute. You started out pretty awesome, with my Bali trip (see video). But went downhill quickly after that (hospital stay, then lockdown). What will you bring us for the rest of the year? Please be kind.

This video feels like 85 years ago, but is of me walking through my hotel in Bali in January (the Honeymoon Guest House in Ubud). I loved stepping into that calm oasis after a day in the searing hot sun. Just read on their website that they’re still open, but I’m sure they’re not very busy. The Balinese depend on tourism and have been hit hard in that regard, even though there isn’t an overload of cases there. Praying for them. (Also saw that the hotel is offering complimentary turmeric shots for the immune system —love that!)

Road in Ubud

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