Come together

We are human beings with infinite capabilities. We can hold two opposing thoughts in our head at the same time. Both can be true.

We can believe in our freedoms and still be respectful (and kind!) to others.
We can disagree without anger and hatred.

We are NOT just red or blue, left or right, dems or repubs. Do you want to be reduced to which party you vote for? Or are you more complex than that?

We are human beings with limitless potential.
We MUST rise up as one. We MUST work together. Division isn’t an option. That time is over.

People can understand the importance of vaccines while still having questions about them. We can be against a mandatory vaxx for the entire planet while also knowing they can save lives. We can use common sense.

Humans aren’t just black and white, and neither is every issue. There are nuances that are deeper than a meme. In times of crisis, disinformation abounds. Who do we trust? The news? The government? Facebook?

Einstein said intuition is the greatest of all intelligences. (Einstein!) Let’s stop forming our world views around memes or parties or posts and start asking ourselves, does this resonate with me?

It takes practice, stillness, meditation. But we have the answers within us if we choose to listen.

The noise of mass media, social media and others may have some answers but are they in your best interest? Only you know what’s in your best interest.

When has arguing on Facebook solved anything?

Stop fighting, start rising.
Stop the conspiracy theories. Trust but verify. Do your research. Talk to someone with different views. Go within.

As Alan Packer said and Glennon Doyle embodies, we can do hard things. These times are asking us to do better.

We’ve been shown in a profound way that we’re all connected. We have to put down the labels and divisiveness and work together.

It’s more than possible.
Let’s use our innate, untapped human potential to do so.

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