Silver Linings: Covid Edition

More rainbows 🌈 giving us hope!

Paula Froehlich, a journalist and travel writer based in NYC, posted this to her instagram. I’m sharing it here with her permission.

The picture is from @gettyimages

In Paula’s words:

‘Believe it or not, last night a double rainbow 🌈 stretched across the New York City sky 🌌 just after the torrential storm, at exactly 7pm, the time that we all honor the doctors, nurses, mail people, delivery people, grocery store workers, and others who keep our city running during lockdown. It was the most uplifting pic (via @gettyimages) I’ve seen. As if god was showing us a sign. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, in a crisis, there’s almost no place I’d rather be than with my friends and neighbors in #nyc. There is hope. There is light. We will meet again. #covid19 #lockdown #coronavirus #nycstrong

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