Yesterday in a moment of weakness i announced on Facebook that I was having a hard day. Sometimes even people who try to hold the light for others need some support right now. And so many lovely people responded (even though it wasn’t my intent). I posted this meme (below) the day before, and while I would’ve worded it differently, we ARE being gifted an incredible opportunity to change. As one meme suggested, the universe has sent us all to our rooms to think about what we’ve done.

I posted this on my private FB page, but I didn’t write it. If I had, I would’ve worded it a bit differently. But the undelying message would be the same.

This is *supposed* to be hard. If it were easy, nothing would change. All of the mystics, shamans snd seers have been predicting a major upheaval for awhile. Some correctly said it’d begin in 2020. Everything is being unearthed so we can re-think it all: do we want to keep working at a pace that makes us sick and anxious? Do we want to keep poisoning our earth and ourselves with harsh chemicals and crap food? Should we continue de-valuing and underpaying people on the front lines who keep the world moving? And so on.

Corruption is being exposed around the world. It’s a tearing down of the old so we can create better systems. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime, and we can hide away in fear or we can face it. We have to go inside ourselves as individuals and ask, was I happy how I was living? And collectively as a whole, are our ways of life really working?

You don’t create a new world overnight. It’s going to be rocky. Self-care is more important than ever. Compassion, kindness and patience are important, as is not judging how someone else is dealing with a world crisis. We have to do the work and look at our shadows. How am I contributing to my own unhappiness? To the world’s? Are my political arguments on Twitter or Facebook creating positive change or just more division? Asking how we may have contributed to division and tribalism—even racism—ain’t easy. But, as someone I know always says, change isn’t easy; it’s worth it.

Go within, sit with the discomfort, and together let’s do the work to create a new way of life. It won’t be easy; it’ll be worth it. Sending love to all.

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