Wanna look 25 again?

This is their Counter Time collection for more mature skin. Incredibly hydrating.

I have had the good fortune while I’ve been home in the US to try the clean beauty product line called Beauty Counter, and OMFG! I absolutely love it! I would sell it in a heartbeat if is was available in Europe. (Note to self: you need to make that happen.) I will post pics later but I’ve been using it for a week now (I think?) almost religiously, twice a day, and someone literally thought I was 25 yesterday. Concidence? I think not! (I am 25 plus 20-odd years). This line was created by a woman who was sick to death of all the absolute CRAP chemicals that are legally allowed into beauty products (including men’s) in the US, chemicals that other countries ban (like our food situation, but that is a story for another post). The company even lobbies congress for safer beauty ingredients, and consumers can text a number that will help in that effort.

The line for more mature skin, like mine, is called Counter Time, and is an absolute godsend. It is incredibly moisturizing and it has an ingredient called Bakuchiol that is like a safe and natural retinol. They also sell clean makeup, and so far, I love it. I only have some lipsticks and glosses at the moment, but I hope to change that soon. If you know me well, you know I am not so much of a makeup lover, so for me to be effusive about makeup is, well, not the norm. This stuff rocks!!! I can’t recommend it enough. One downside is the price–it ain’t cheap. But if you want to reward yourself, and you ARE worth it, get the entire Countertime collection. It is worth every penny (and no they aren’t paying me to say so! Although they are free to do so if they would like to! )

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