Why I (mostly) eat the Medical Medium way

One of 5(?) books Anthony William has written

I often get a raised eyebrow or two from some of my friends and family when they see how I eat, or more specifically, what I can’t eat. It’s not just due to food allergies or sensitivities; it’s because I’ve been eating the Medical Medium way for almost four years now. And frankly, some people don’t just raise an eyebrow, they get really annoyed.  

You may have heard about Anthony William, the Medical Medium, and how lots of people are doing his protocol for healing a myriad of diseases. If you haven‘t heard of him, perhaps you’ve witnessed the celery juice craze that has hit the USA and lots of other places. That’s because of the Medical Medium (and by the way, many people and most places aren’t doing celery juice properly—it isn’t effective if you buy it off a shelf at Whole Foods. But more on that later).

I started doing the protocol a few years ago in order to optimize my health, and about two months into it is when I would really need it. I almost drowned. We were in the Canary Islands and I got pulled under a wave for a long time. While I was under, I got hit by another wave, (it was like a double wave) and I slammed into a rock.  I *just* made the third wave and swam way out as fast as I could, my heart beating out of my chest. Then I had to wait to come back in, and when I did, I looked down and was bleeding on my legs and foot from hitting the rock.  Not fun. 

The stress and impact of that re-ignited my longtime battle with the Epstein Barr virus. (Anthony William explains in his first book, Medical Medium, Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal, how EBV has many different strains and phases, and it can hide in your liver and lie in wait until a major life stressor like an accident or a death in the family occurs and then it sees its opportunity to dive right in or activate/reactive.) So I was so grateful I had this protocol to help me fight the joint pain, fatigue and many other symptoms from that time. Overall, from my two separate stints of following Anthony’s lifestyle, I have healed EBV, Interstitial Cystitis, joint pain, unbalanced hormones, and many more symptoms. No matter what you think of the Medical Medium and how he gets his information, you can’t really argue with those results. And I am just one of hundreds of thousands of people who are healing by following his advice. In case you’re skeptical, he features some jaw dropping photos of how people have healed skin conditions and other ‘dis-eases.’

Honestly, the protocol isn’t easy. But I have healed so many issues doing this diet that I just can’t go back to the old way. It is a hassle, it can be expensive, but damn it, it’s worth the health I have gained back. I understand why some people are annoyed with it, because it’s so different than the norm. And food is such a loaded topic in our society.  We socialize around food, we use it as entertainment, use it to stuff our feelings, the list goes on and on.  But, it works for me and keeps me healthy.  So … sorry friends and fam who think I am a weirdo or annoying, but I ain’t going back. (Although I do fall off the wagon a lot, which I’ve done lately. Time to jump back on.)

My story isn’t as extreme as many others’, and I can’t say the protocol saved my life, but it definitely *changed* my life, in dramatically positive ways. And you can’t beat that.

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