The universe loves to show it has a sense of humor.

Several years ago, my husband and I were contemplating going on an African safari. He had won a trip through his company and had many choices of where to go in the world, and I was trying to encourage him to consider a safari. One day we were driving on the Autobahn (Austrian highway) toward Salzburg, and were discussing the pros and cons of the trip. Three different vans passed us, each with a different African animal logo on it. I said, ‘Look! Those are signs! We need to go on a safari.’ One had been an elephant, one a lion and I can’t remember the third, but it was a large animal–definitely a sign.

At the time I had been getting lots of signs from the universe (like premonitions and other things) and was attempting to understand what they meant. We continued our discussion about signs, their meanings, and if they were true and reliable. I said, ‘I just wish that there was some kind of proof that all these things I’ve been experiencing lately are actually signs.’ No joke, within 15 minutes of saying that, what happened? I look over to the left lane, and a motorcycle was passing us, the back of the driver’s jacket sporting the words, in all capital letters: PROOF.

You can’t make this stuff up.

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